The free Poker Cards Plugin for WordPress by makes it easy to render beautiful html poker cards on your website

If you own or operate a website which covers live or online poker, you will be faced with the challenge of how to easily show HTML poker cards and poker hands on your website.

Instead of representing poker hand histories textually – the OLD WAY – in ASCII text (e.g. using Ac Kc to represent Ace-King of clubs), WordPress users can use our free poker cards plugin for WordPress to render poker cards in a more visually appealing and accessible manner – in pure HTML.


Plugin Features

  • 100% HTML – no images or image scaling.
  • Each card has a human readable title (on hover)- for Accessibility
  • Cards are responsive & scale perfectly to look good on any device, at any size.
  • Free & Easy to install – We love open-source software.
  • Works on any version of WordPress – we love WordPress!

How to Use The Plugin

  1. Download the plugin archive file.
  2. Install the plugin by uploading the archive via your WordPress control panel: Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin – or alternatively decompress the archive and upload the plugin file to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory manually.
  3. Activate the plugin via the Plugins Menu in your WordPress installation

To render poker cards in posts and pages after activating the plugin, use the [pokercards] shortcode and specify the cards you wish to display via an additional parameter:

[pokercards cards=”Ad Ac As Ah Kh”] = A A A A K

Use the ‘cards‘ parameter to define the cards that make up the hand. These are defined via a string of a 2-character representations of the hand. first character indicates the card rank while the second character indicates the suit of each card.


  • A card with the rank Ten becomes T (for ‘Ten’) – so a Royal Flush ( T J Q K A ) is defined using the following shortcode: [pokercards cards=”Th Jh Qh Kh Ah”]
  • Irrelevant suits can be indicated using ‘x’ – for example to render Ace queen with Ace of clubs: [pokercards cards=”Ac Qx”] A Q x