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Slot Tracker Review

Slot tracker as the name suggests is an app which tracks your play on slots across multiple casinos in real time. The app is free and easy to install as it works through Google Chrome’s extension. If you love playing slots then keep reading our review to learn more about the app, how it came to be, the app’s benefits, what it tracks, why you would use it and how to get it!

How Slot Tracker Came To Be

Slot tracker started off as personal project keeping a tab on amounts spent and winnings for a single slot machine. The creator decided to share this project with other like-minded slots enthusiasts, with the aim of gathering their feedback. It is no surprise that the community loved the concept and they started bouncing off ideas for new features for this app. After a year of perfecting it with the intent of helping players play smarter, longer and take more control, they launched the app, and this is how Slot Tracker came to be. The app is constantly being improved with new features regularly added to the pipeline.

Slot Tracker Benefits

Truly a tool built by players, for players – for a free tool, Slot-Tracker delivers a lot of benefits for players:

Accurately Track Slot Data.

Slot Tracker tracks number of spins, bet amounts, win amounts and uses this information to calculate your P&L, RTP, SRP and other metrics in various widgets displayed on your dashboard segmented by slot, provider, or casino. It is important to remember to enable the tracker & log into the console BEFORE you start playing or it cannot record your data.

Powerful Expense Tracking

The app allows you to monitor your spending across any casino, or slot. This means you can use this information to decide which games are playing best for you. The app also contains a handy ‘export to excel’ function for all you slot geeks out there.

Community Statistics

The best part of Slot Tracker is that besides tracking your own play, you can also compare your slot results with the slot tracker community. You can see results such as RTP averages for slots, bonus frequency, average wins and more. Currently Slot Tracker has collected community data from over 63 million spins, 897 casinos, over 2000 slots and over 987,000 bonuses, so you can confidently say they have a great sample size of data, and this is always growing as new players join the community.

What does Slot Tracker track?

As long as you are logged into the console, slot tracker tracks your number of spins, bet amount and win amount. It also details whether the win amount is from a main game or a bonus game. Using this basic information, it then calculates slot metrics such as RTP, SRP, Hit rate, bonus frequency and other data.

Slot tracker currently tracks slot data from 22 casino software providers:

  • Aristocrat
  • Barcrest
  • Blueprint
  • BTG
  • Elk
  • IGT
  • Merkur
  • MicroGaming
  • Netent
  • NextGen
  • NextGen (Nyxop)
  • Novomatic
  • Play N Go
  • Push Gaming
  • Quick Spin
  • Red Tiger
  • Red Tiger (TGP)
  • SGI
  • Thunderkick
  • WMS
  • Yggdrasil

Below is a screen shot of the logs tab on the Slot Tracker console for Netent’s slot – Blood Suckers.

slot tracker blood suckers

The top widgets with a white background reflect our reviewer’s play on the Blood Suckers slot. The lower widgets with a cream/yellow background reflect the community tracked statistics on this slot.

Let’s go through the Slot Tracker widgets one by one.

Slot name: Blood Suckers (provider Netent)

  • The total spins – 128 spins (avg. bet of €1)
  • The amount bet (IN) – €128
  • The amount win (OUT) – €131.88
  • The RTP (Return to player) – 103.03% (win amount / bet amount gives the RTP result)
  • The SRP (Statistical Return Percentage) – 103.03% (average of the win amount / bet amount per spin gives the SRP result. )
  • The P&L – €3.88

Win Details

Hit Rate: 1/2.46 (40.63%) – how many times you win on this slot.

Best Win: 40.00X (€40.00) with a €1 bet – Your best win on this slot.

Bonus Details

  • Total Bonuses: 4 – No. of times entered to bonus round feature on Blood Suckers
  • Best Bonus: 40.00X – Best amount won during the bonus round with a bet of €1.
  • Avg Bonus Win: 14.45X – this calculates the average of all bonus winnings on slot
  • Worst Bonus (avg bet €1) was 0.60X (€0.60)
  • Bonus frequency 1/32 (3.13%) – For every 32 spins, a bonus round was hit (128/32 = 4 bonus rounds)
  • 7 spins ago

Win Ratio Chart

This widget takes my total winnings on the game and splits into a neat little pie chart, so I can see that I got 50.2% of my winnings from the base game and the remaining 43.8% from the 4 bonus rounds I entered.

Volatility Index

This calculates the volatility of the slot using the community’s win data for this slot. A high volatile slot means it has a lower hit rate (players win less amount of times) but their wins are larger than a slot with a lower variance. Lower volatile slots have more frequent wins but the win amounts are smaller.

Community Statistics (at the time of writing)

  • Total Spins: 268,872, total community spins on this slot
  • Best Win: 1,305.00X, best community win rate
  • Hit Rate: 1/ 2.23 (44.8%), the stats show the community has hit an average win once out of 2.23 spins.
  • AVG Bonus Win: 23.94X, average bonus community win on this slot
  • Bonus freq: 1/93.85 (1.07%), average bonus frequency on this slot. When compared to my bonus frequency stats 3.13% (1/ 32 spins), it looks like I was on a lucky streak

Community Payout Rates

  • RTP: 101.31%, taking the community stats into account, this slot has a great return to player since wins are higher then total bet amount.
  • SRP: 97.99%, Blood Suckers has an RTP of 98% so the data looks spot on at 97.99% .
slot tracker wager rating

Wager Rating

Wager Rating is 5.81

This rating tells us how good or bad a slot is at wagering which is required for completing bonuses and sustaining a balance. In this case Blood Suckers has an “Excellent” rank in the Slot Tracker Wager Rating. This rating is based on all the data collected from the community.

Besides tracking your slot game, you can also keep a tab on your expenses under the expenses tab in the Slot Tracker console. Just remember that if you players live dealer or table games, your bets will not show up on the console. The widget dissappears as soon as you open any games except for slots.

Slot Tracker Console

Once we created an account and added the Slot Tracker chrome extension by following this video on how to install Slot Tracker“, we were ready for some slot action! We decided to start off with the game Starburst on Casumo.

The Slot Tracker Widget

As soon as the Starburst slot loaded, the Slot Tracker widget popped up on our screen. As you can see there are 0 results because we have not played Starburst since we downloaded and used Slot Tracker.

The nifty Slot Tracker widget opens up when you open a slot game. It has just four tabs on it, so you can quickly check the community stats from it without having to refer to the console.

Here is a screen shot of each tab:

Slot Tracker Widget panel 1
Slot Tracker Widget panel 2 - return to player
Slot Tracker Widget panel 3
Slot Tracker Widget panel 2 - expenses

Rating: 5 Stars

We think this app is a great find and we will surely be tracking all our slot play through this console going forward. When we say all our slot play we mean slot play on desktop, because unfortunately, Slot Tracker does not work on mobile for now. However, the team are working on improvements and added features as we speak, so who knows what Slot Tracker will be able to track in the future. Maybe in the future we might see a pro version where users may be able to upload slot history.

We hope you enjoyed reading our review and are ready to take your slot game to a new level. Are you ready to gamble smarter, play longer and take control? If so, hit the download slot tracker button below now and start tracking your slot play for FREE.