Interac is a payment institution in Canada that offers a range of services, including debit cards, online payment using bank accounts, and mobile payments. The service is highly popular with gamblers in Canada – enabling casino players to bypass cumbersome online-banking systems – and to deposit funds securely at real-money online casinos & gambling sites.

Interac online casinos Canada

Interac Services

Founded in 1984, Interac has been successful for many years and has continued to innovate with services like integration with Apple, Google, and Samsung pay.

In 2018, Interac and its complementary for-profit company Acxsys were combined into a single for-profit organization called Interac Corporation, which now consists of over 80 financial institutions.

Online casinos and sportsbooks in Canada often accept Interac as a payment method, allowing players to easily deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts – since banks in the country are not particularly fond of online gambling companies.

The Interac Corporation offers a range of services to meet the money transfer needs of Canadians, including:

  1. Interac Cash, which allows users to withdraw cash from ATMs.
  2. Interac Debit, which enables cashless transactions at point-of-sale terminals.
  3. Interac Flash, an upgraded version of Debit that allows for contactless payments.
  4. Interac e-Transfer, which allows users to transfer money from one bank account to another.
  5. Interac Online, which enables secure payments directly from a bank account.
  6. Interac mobile banking solutions, including apps and integration with Google, Apple, and Samsung Pay.

With a diverse range of services, Interac is a well-equipped, trusted company to handle your gambling cash transfers.

Fees & Privacy

One disadvantage of using Interac is that it is not anonymous, as it relies on banks who are required to collect user data.

Additionally, fees may vary depending on the individual bank and the type of transaction. It is important for users to check with their bank or the casino to understand any potential fees. Lastly, casinos may have their own fees for certain deposits and withdrawals, so users should be aware of these as well.