casino andhar bahar rules

How to play Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a very simple card game originating from India but increasing in popularity in the West and Americas. This card game is usually found in online casinos under the table games menu or the live dealer tab. In this step by step guide we go through the rules of how to play this great game.

The set up

There are two bet spots on the table. One side is called Andar (A) and the other side is called Bahar (B), in between these two sides is the middle. The middle is where the middle card goes and it is usually referred to as the Joker card.

The objective of the main bet is to predict which spot (Andar or Bahar) will match the value of the middle card (joker card).

  • Betting. As we just mentioned there are two bet spots, Andar (A) and Bahar (B). You need to bet on one spot, either A or B. Choose your bet amount, place your bet on A or B and hit the deal button.
  • Dealer deals the cards. Lets say you bet $10 on Bahar and the dealer picked up a Queen as the Joker card (middle card). She then proceeds to deal cards, one at a time, placed face up to the left and the right of the middle card. Finally a Queen appears under the Bahar side meaning that we win the bet since we predicted that first Queen to be dealt (after the middle card) will appear on the Bahar side.

Payout odds

You need to check the pay table to find out what the payout odds are. In some games they pay out the same whether you choose to bet on Andar or Bahar, but in the live dealer versions, for example on Ezugi the pay outs where different.

The objective of the main bet is to predict which spot (Andar or Bahar) will match the value of the middle card. The payout odds are 1.9 for both sides, Bahar and Andar but then you can spice up the game with an option of side bets.

Side bets

There are 4 side bets available the objective of the side bet is to predict the middle cards suit, colour, value. whether the middle card is an 8 above or below.the total number of cards dealt. Spice up your game with some side bets by predicting:

  1. Which suit the middle card will be (hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs – usually all payout at equal odds for example 3.8 per suit)
  2. Which suit colour the middle card will be (red or black – usually all payout at equal odds for example 1.9 per colour)
  3. What the middle card value will be (any number 1.9, face card – Jack, Queen or King 12.45, above/below 8 gets you 2.05 and exactly 8 pays out 12.45 )
  4. The total number of cards dealt until the card matching the value of the middle card is picked – Cards dealt pays out from 16.25 for card up to 26.5 for 12 cards.