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Slots – Twitch Streaming Statistics & Trends May 2021

Our May 2021 Analysis of the Slots category on

35,234,489 hours of slots streaming was consumed on Twitch in May 2021 – a new category record.

May 2021 – Slots Streaming on Twitch – Key Statistics

  • Slots was the 13th most watched category on Twitch in May- up 4 spots
  • The number of channels which streamed slots: 6438
  • 130,622 hours streamed in the Twitch Slots category – a new record
  • 175 channels streaming slots, on average during the month
  • 47,421 average viewers (a new record – up from 30,533 last month)
  • Maximum viewers: 204,468- a new category record
  • Lowest viewers 7,694 (Wednesday 5th)
  • Ranked for hours streamed,
  • Top Streamer: ROSHTEIN
  • Top streamer hours streamed: 388 hours
  • Lowest channels:121 (Monday 3rd)
  • Peak channels 263 (Friday 7th)
  • Lowest viewer ratio 49.32 (Wednesday 5th)
  • Peak viewer ratio: 1,215.93 (Monday 24th)
  • Peak followers gained 21,981 (Sunday 30th)

Top Slots Streamers on, May 2021

Rank Channel Name Total Hours Watched Hours Streamed Peak Viewers Average Viewers Followers

Slots Channel Rank on – May 2021

Slots viewers, in May 2021

Peak viewership per month

Total hours watched per month

Total hours streamed per month

Average channels streaming

Peak channels streaming