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Slots – Twitch Streaming Statistics & Trends February 2021

Each month we break down the Slots category in Twitch, looking for trends and interesting statistics in the data, and in search of inspiration for great new casino games and online casinos to promote.

February Slots Streaming – Key Statistics

  • 17,019,922 hours of slots watched
  • 110,975 hours broadcast (+4.7% Vs January 2021)
  • 25,261 avg viewers (+2.4% Vs January 2021)
  • 154 avg channels (+4.8% Vs January 2021)
  • 163.9 viewer ratio (-2.2% Vs January 2021)
  • 72.877 max viewers (+11.1% Vs January 2021)
  • 4,896 broadcasters (-3.7% on January 2021)
  • Top streamer hours streamed: 294 hours

Top 10 slots Streamers on Twitch, February 2021

Rank Channel Name Total Hours Watched Hours Streamed Peak Viewers Average Viewers Followers

The top ten streamers put in a lot of hours in February, with the top ranked streamer in the category (based on follower count) ROSHTEIN logging an impressive 294 hours of slots-streaming, with peak viewership of 33,192 people. During February ROSHTEIN picked up over 20,000 new followers – 17,713 of which he acquired while playing slots online.

#5 casino streamer in the list, XPOSED who is a Twitch partner deserves an honorable mention for acquiring 22,000+ new followers (14,448 of which were picked up during slots streaming sessions) from just 178 hours of streaming .

Average monthly viewers

Like the previous three months, February was another record setting month for viewers of slots streams with 25,365 average viewers tracked worldwide.

Peak viewership per month

February saw a small increase over January with 72,877 peak viewers watching slots on Twitch, up from 65,621 the previous month.

Total hours watched per month

17,019,922 hours of slots was watched on Twitch in February 2021.

Total hours streamed per month

104,000 hours streamed, down from 109,000 in January.

Average channels streaming

February marked a new record for the average # of channels streaming slots, at 155 channels.

Peak channels streaming

Average monthly viewers for Slots, compared to other games

Slots had an average viewer rank of 24 compared to other games

Slots Peak viewer rank, compared to other games

The Slots category ranked #69 in terms of peak viewers in February across all categories on

Total hours watched per month for Slots

The Slots category was the 76th most watched category on Twitch in February, based on hours watched.

Total hours streamed per month by Slots

The Slots category on twitch ranks #115 in terms of hours streamed in a calendar month on the platform.

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