Gambling Taxes Guide – How Gambling Tax is Handled Around The World
February 5, 2020 by: cdbadmin
Gambling tax regulations vary depending on country, and may also vary at a state level. Some countries make gambling in any form Illegal (i.e gambling online, or at a brick and mortar casino, or a home-poker game would be breaking the law).Some countries permit gambling, but there are specific rules and regulations in place, as […]
Benefits of using Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency as Payment Method When Gambling Online
February 4, 2020 by: cdbadmin
What Is Bitcoin, and how is it relevant to online gambling? Bitcoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency. It has gained a lot of attention lately in the media and in the financial sector. It is estimated that 6% of Americans have some quantity of Bitcoin, while 20% know about it. Formerly just a thing for nerds […]