Exclusive Bonuses

What are exclusive bonuses?

Exclusive bonuses as the term suggests are bonuses which are exclusive to the affiliate site or media company offering them. Generally exclusive bonuses are supposed to be better than the current offer at the online casino. BUT. The reality is that it is not in the interest of the merchant to offer players coming through an affiliate a better bonus, because besides it being more costly, the online casino also needs to pay the affiliate their due commission.

Established brands such as Betfair, Casumo and others, don’t tend to offer exclusive bonuses to affiliates because they already allocate a fair share of marketing budget towards acquiring and retaining players. Smaller brands however, who are not yet established and rely mostly on affiliates to generate traffic to their website are more likely to negotiate exclusive offers with affiliates.

Are exclusive bonuses worth it? 

The truth is that these big, fancy “exclusive bonuses” are usually tied to fierce terms so you may be better off taking the standard welcome bonus. a quick look at the terms and conditions will confirm this.

How to check if an exclusive bonus is real.

It is easy for sites to claim they have have exclusive bonuses but are they real? One of the most common conditions negotiated in return for an exclusive bonus with a casino brand is the duration of the exclusive bonus. This means affiliates need to remember to update their website with the current bonus once the period of the exclusive bonus deal elapses. Unfortunately however, more often than not, players end up disappointed for signing up to  a casino with an imaginary exclusive bonus.

Exclusive Promotions at CDB

Here at CDB we will be offering our players exclusive promotions paid for by us. We want to keep our audience happy and the only way we can do this is by being in control of our own special promotions. This does not mean that we will not be telling you about other casino’s promotions, of course we will. We will let you know about any great promotions on offer by our reviewed casinos, but on top of that you can also benefit from our offers. In other words you will have the cake and eat it.