Exclusive Bonuses

What are exclusive bonuses?

Exclusive bonuses as the term suggests are bonuses which are exclusive to the affiliate site or media company offering them. Generally exclusive bonuses are supposed to be better than the current offer at the online casino.

Are exclusive bonuses worth it? 

They can be, it totally depends on what the offer is and the terms. If you come across a “too good to be true” kind of offer, your best bet it to firstly check whether the offer is valid. If it is make sure to check the terms of the offer. Unfortunately in some cases these big, fancy “exclusive bonuses” are usually tied to fierce terms so you may be better off taking the standard welcome bonus.

How to check if an exclusive bonus is real.

This is easy, simply click on the offer and if it takes you through to the correct landing page with the matching offer then the bonus is real, otherwise you will be taken to a different offer page.

Exclusive Promotions at CDB

Here at CDB we will be offering our players exclusive promotions. Keep your eyes peeled for our special promotions and competitions.